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Quoting the Container - Requesting a Sailing Timeline - Confirmations - Making It Happen Once Confirmed

FCL SHIPPING PROCEDURES - Get FREE Instant Pricing Online, Book With The Load Date Without a Deposit or a Contract, We will Send Confirmation of Sailings and Total Final Cost - Then - You Decide 

After you get a quote online and submit your booking request we will send you a booking confirmation VIA E-MAIL.  The booking confirmation  is a courtesy we extend to you in order for you to review the sailing timeline.  There is no downside to requesting a Booking.  It is not a contract until you accept the final confirmation by paying the invoice.  The Operations Department in our International-Moving Division will be send you a schedule within 72 hours.  Once you review the sailings you can decide on the loading date

Booked, Filed and Confirmed Quotes will not increase as per FMC rules

The container will be delivered to your specified address on a chassis about 4 feet off the ground. No ramp is provided.  All of our quotes are for a live load ... meaning the truck will wait for 2 hrs free  $100 per hour waiting time after the initial 2 free hours.  If you desire to have the container left for a period of up to 4 days the drayage charge or delivery to your loading area will double.

Once You Load The Container You Will Place A Security Seal and Report Both Container Number and Seal Number To OPS




Once the Container is sent to you to load you will record the container number and the seal number given to you by the driver.  A bill of lading is issued to you via e-mail 1 to 2 weeks after vessel departs.

"DRAYAGE" - Pickup charges shown are a good faith estimate and could vary depending on regional market conditions and address placed on the booking request.

We will confirm those charges if need be as we issue the booking confirmation.

APX operates from every port in the USA with over 50 inland stations.  We can spot containers in any US city and ship to any destination worldwide. 



For security reasons and to adhere to the FMC Rules regarding acceptance of cargo we have implemented protocol for bookings.  You must book your shipment at least 3 working days advance notice.  Once received the operations department at X 114  will e-mail you a booking number within 24 to 72 hours.  The terminal address and other pertinent information such as sailing date and voyage number will be provided then.

To deliver your cargo at our terminals "you must get a booking number first" otherwise the cargo will not be accepted at the dock.  To book the cargo and receive a booking number your must fax or e-mail the shipping forms.

You can ship boxes of any size and weight.  We can palletize, shrink wrap and band them together for $35 to $65.00 per pallet depending on warehouse location in the USA.  We will measure the final pallet and recalculate your charges based on the quote you received online.  All loose cargo consisting of personal effects must be palletized at our station or prior to receiving. The packing list must be received before the shipment departs.  If  pickup or inland portion of your quote was included, please specify the date and time for your pickup on the shipping forms.  We sail to every destination on a weekly basis but there are some exceptions.

A zone inspector will periodically inspect and take inventory of goods in warehouses.

Anything not in compliance with U. S. Customs regulations shall be noted and Customs notified if not corrected immediately.

EAST COAST TEL#  1-305-597-0258 - WEST COAST TEL #  1-310-885-5591

TOLL FREE TEL 877-597-0258 or 305-597-0258  /  TOLL FREE FAX 877-597-0259 OR U.S.A. FAX 305-592-0266


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